More than 22 million people in this country rely on chiropractic care for a number of conditions, including back pain and neck injuries. However, misconceptions regarding the practice and overall concept of chiropractic are many, and it is high time to get the facts straight. In this post, we will address the common myths surrounding chiropractic care and things that everyone should know.

Myth 1: Adjustments are painful and dangerous

Most people think that chiropractic adjustments can cause pain and unexpected discomfort, which isn’t necessarily the case. There are specific adjustments that are used by chiropractic experts that will usually offer relief. There is little to no pain involved, although a lot depends on the experience of the chiropractor. Several thousands of people die every year from taking Tylenol, whereas one neck adjustment per 2-3 million occurrences might result in injury. The number of insurance claims against doctors of chiropractic is a mere fraction of medical doctors, which is why doctors of chiropractic also pay a mere fraction of the malpractice insurance that medical doctors do.

Myth 2: The costs are insane

You are absolutely wrong if you think that way. Chiropractic care is way less expensive compared to many of the allopathic procedures for back pain. In fact, back surgeries and extended injury treatments can be really expensive when considering work time loss, medication costs, etc, which is why people opt for chiropractic care.

Myth 3: Chiropractic care requires long sessions

Regular chiropractic adjustments may be required for some patients, but it doesn’t take long. Many people also believe that the number of sessions can be protracted, which isn’t necessarily the case. If the patient is in extreme pain, only a few initial sessions may be needed, after which one can always choose follow up care or maintenance.

Myth 4: Chiropractic is only meant for low back pain

If you check for corrective chiropractic care with an expert clinic, you will find this form of treatment applies to shoulder, hip, knee, and feet injuries, just to mention a few. It is also used to treat headaches and people involved in motor vehicle accidents. Several studies show the benefits of chiropractic with pregnant women, while athletes and people in the sports industry also use this form of treatment for pain and other sports related injuries to quickly return to their sport or choice.

Myth 5: Experts of chiropractic care are not better than “regular doctors”

Another false statement!! – A doctor of chiropractic has as many study hours or often more than a “regular doctor” when considering the first four years of study. To further their learning experience, many doctors of chiropractic shadow other health professionals, such as rheumatologists, neurosurgeons and orthopeadic surgeons. Based on this

experience and as needed, your doctor of chiropractic may refer you to a medical doctor for co-management, especially if chiropractic treatment hasn’t yielded desired results.

You, the patient, really need to pay attention to your choice of chiropractor. Make sure you pick a Chiropractic Clinic that has a good name in the area.

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