When to See a Chiropractor: 7 Ailments They Can Treat

When people consider seeking medical treatment, they tend to look over chiropractors. But this is a mistake, as they can treat a variety of conditions. If you need to know when to see a chiropractor, check out this article.

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With nearly 75% of pregnant women experiencing back pain during pregnancy, only 21% seek out the help of a chiropractor. Even when the issue is clearly connected to spinal or back pain, many people don’t know when to see a chiropractor. However, the number of things your chiropractor could help with could be astounding.

Here are 6 things your chiropractor could help you with.

1. Persistent Headaches

If you can’t seem to get a break from persistent headaches, they could be linked to a wide range of medical issues. Believe it or not, headaches could be linked to issues with your vertebrae.

A chiropractor can help you be sure what the source of the issue is, but as your spinal column can connect foot pain all the way up, it’s not out of the question. Holding your head or your neck in a bad position with poor posture could lead to headaches.

If you have migraines that you can’t seem to shake, ask your chiropractor what they think. When there aren’t any other reasons for the headaches you’re having, they could try chiropractic solutions.

Headaches could otherwise be linked to dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, or cold and flu illnesses.

2. Difficulty With Range of Motion

Take it easy if you notice that you’ve developed a range of motion issue. If you’re the type to carry a heavy bag around or most notably on one shoulder over the other, you could be hurting your range of motion.

Rotator cuff injuries are more common than you might think. They can cause serious inconveniences whether you’re an athletic person or not. Pain or tenderness could arise when just getting in and out of a chair, let alone doing any activity any more complicated than that.

When you’re having trouble moving, talk to a chiropractor. They can recommend massages, stretches, and exercises that can repair damaged rotator cuffs. You can regain strength and mobility relatively easily if you follow the directions of your chiropractor.

If you don’t see a chiropractor for this issue and continue to try to put pressure on a damaged rotator cuff, you could risk inflicting permanent damage.

3. Ear Related Issues

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, severe tinnitus, or some amount of vertigo, you might have a spinal or muscular issue to blame. Disruptions to your hearing or your ability to orient yourself could be linked to chiropractic issues.

Since your body is a holistic system with lots of interconnections, muscular or bone shifts in one part of your body could cause shifts in another. Your hearing depends on a set of delicate bones that vibrate when you hear a sound. If you disrupt any vertebrae or bones in any other part of your body, you might notice a change in hearing.

The body is a delicate system and any change in the way that you hear could cause you vertigo. Your body is often oriented in space by the balance between your ears. If a chiropractic issue causes problems in one ear, you could end up having trouble standing up straight, walking down stairs, or operating a bicycle.

If you notice any of those symptoms, see a chiropractor.

4. IBS

If you suffer from inflammatory issues related to your bowels, you might find yourself constantly in discomfort. People with these issues often have to stay near a restroom, have limited diets, and feel constantly worried about having a problem.

Bowel disorders can be helped with spinal manipulation. There are several studies that have been done that can link gastrointestinal relief to chiropractic issues. If you are constantly dealing with these kinds of persistent diseases, talk to a chiropractor.

While this treatment can’t work for every issue and solve all GI problems, it might be a solution worth seeking. Again, the body is a holistic system interconnected in surprising ways. Chiropractic solutions could be the solution you’ve been seeking out for years.

5. Cancer Therapy

There are many types of cancer therapy that can have different side effects. The more intense the treatment, the more disruptive it can be. Chemotherapy can eliminate cancer but its intensity will cause all sorts of physical disruptions.

Sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety can be side effects of medication and treatments for cancer. Alternative treatments are on the rise in order to combat the kinds of harsh and life-limiting side effects of traditional treatments.

Chiropractic care is becoming a popular alternative treatment. It can help with pain management and to combat other side effects. It’s a relatively economical treatment that can actually improve the quality of life, where other treatments might get in the way.

Care that can make life easier should always be high on your list of considerations, especially when dealing with something as serious as cancer.

6. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often linked to early death and heart-related issues. If you can deal with stress through chiropractic care, you can often lower blood pressure. Because it works so well for hypertension, it should be on the table when you’re trying to brainstorm what to do for people with high blood pressure.

If you’re constantly looking for new ways to bring your blood pressure down, chiropractic work is a great holistic solution that could work wonders for you.

Knowing When To See A Chiropractor is Key

Even when in the throes of a serious ailment, many people still don’t know when to see a chiropractor. However, given that a chiropractor could help alleviate so many different issues, there’s almost no bad time to call up a chiropractor. Most chiropractors will be happy to talk over your issue over the phone to ensure that you’re dealing with something they could help with.

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