TeamSports Blog2Being a team player means always being ready to help the team succeed by performing at your peak. Whether you’re an athlete or a family member showing your support, be on the lookout for “micro-traumas”.

“Micro-traumas” are minor injuries that may happen multiple times before presenting as a symptom. Repetitive motion with poor form can be a micro-trauma that can cause pain later down the road. Other micro-traumas can occur when sliding into home base, diving for a catch, or other “giving it your all” moves.

The athlete may not feel pain right away. Similar to a cavity forming in the tooth, damage can be done to the body before you actually sense it. If you went to the dentist and he said, “you have a cavity but wait until it starts hurting real bad and then come back,” you would think he was crazy.

Be proactive with your family’s health. Don’t ignore the “minor” sports injuries. Help your athlete succeed through proper rest, nutrition, practice, and chiropractic care.

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