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What does PAIN mean to you?

by JJ Schmidt

Why do people visit the medicine cabinet? Why do they agree to risky surgery?… Pain Relief. Pain is serious. And relieving it is Big Business. Those who suffer from pain spend billions each year seeking it’s relief. In fact, pain is often what prompts people to visit our office. But pain is NOT the problem! […]

The Importance of H2O

by JJ Schmidt

Did you know that 50-65% of the human body is made up of water? Our blood is made up of almost 85% water! Water is vital to many major bodily functions, such as digestion of food, transporting waste, and controlling body temperature. When it’s hot, we sweat more because the evaporation of the moisture helps […]

5 Tips for Optimal Health

by JJ Schmidt

How long can you survive without food? (30 days?) How long can you function without adequate sleep? (3 days?) How long could you live without water? (30 hours?) How long could you live without air? (3 minutes?) How long can you survive without nerve supply? (3 nanoseconds?) The nerve system is the first thing to […]

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

by JJ Schmidt

Many of us struggle with sleeping through the night. Whether  you deal with turning off your mind or getting in a comfortable position, here are some tips to help you sleep all night and wake up rested so you can “take on the day”!  Have a set bed time and a set waking time.  Our […]