Holistic methods of medical care are perhaps the most ancient and hazard-free methods of healthcare available today because of natural and organic strategies. Chiropractic medicine has the capability to treat and manage all medical and metabolic issues by absolutely natural methods. However, most of the people prefer pharmacological and surgical interventions today over chiropractics and other modes of alternative medicine because of some baseless myths.

A few of these myths are:

Myth # 1: Chiropractic therapy is hazardous:

Some people think that chiropractic is considered hazardous since it requires spinal manipulation and handling with cervical vertebra, joints and intervertebral discs that may damage delicate nerves and vessels, which is not true. If you are choosing your chiropractor after deliberate research and someone who is qualified and certified, the chance of any complications or hazards is minimal.

It has been proven that back surgery (performed for realignment of intervertebral discs for back pain) has a failure rate of 80%, according to Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons compared to over 90% success rate of chiropractic therapies.

Myth # 2: Pharmacologic therapy is superior over Chiropractic therapy

Pharmacologic therapy is generally preferred over holistic methods for a number of reasons. Pills are more conveniently available from stores and you can consume it anytime you like. Secondly pills provide instant relief from symptoms within 15 minutes of intake. Conventionally speaking, a chiropractor does not provide all these advantages but in terms of long term benefits, cure and rate of complications, chiropractic therapy is ranked fairly high as compared to pharmacologic or surgical therapy.

Statistics have shown that each year almost 16,500 arthritis patients die due to NSAID related complications and so far there have been no significant long term complications associated with chiropractic therapy.

Myth # 3: Cost of chiropractic therapy is very high

People compare the cost of pills and doctor’s visit with a session of chiropractic therapy and avoid the latter due to high costs; however, most of the insurance policies now consider chiropractic therapy as a mode of treatment and provide full coverage. Moreover, since chiropractics promotes natural healing processes within the body, the incidence of surgeries and other therapies is extremely low in individuals who adopt holistic methods of treatment for the maintenance of health.

The fact is, almost 7.5 million individuals undergo unnecessary medical and surgical interventions that increase the healthcare cost unnecessarily. Analytical data proved that only 13% surgical or medical therapies are effective and the efficacy status of 46% therapies is unknown as stated in the British Medical Journal clearly indicating that most of the therapies are unnecessary and economic burden on patients.

Myth # 4: Chiropractic therapy is painful:

When you are in pain, you want something that quickly relieves your pain and discomfort, which is why pain-killers are the most popular mode of therapy. Chiropractic therapy on the other hand involves a number of techniques, few of which include spinal manipulation or deep tissue massage that may be painful immediately after the procedure; however, chiropractic therapy is more effective in the long-term as compared to pain killers that just numb the tissue and add tons of toxins and metabolic by-products that are harmful for the body.

Myth # 5: Chiropractics are not doctors

For the treatment or management of any remedy, most people rely on a licensed medical doctor; however there is misconception in a lot of people that chiropractors are not real or certified doctors, which is not true. Like an average medical doctor, chiropractors study human anatomy, physiology and other medical subjects and spend 4,485 hours in a classroom. Like a medical doctor, chiropractors are also licensed practitioners and have thorough knowledge of basic spine anatomy and physiology. They also take national and state level exams for the evaluation of their skills.

According to a report published in World Federation of Chiropractic Congress a basic exam was constructed in order to access the knowledge and grip of healthcare professionals on the subject of musculoskeletal physiology and pathophysiology. To everybody’s surprise, almost 82% of medical orthopedic residents failed the same test that 70% chiropractic final quarter students passed. Amazing but true!

Myth # 6: Chiropractic therapy is not for all individuals:

Technically chiropractic treatment can serve as a mainstream therapy to treat moderate to severe spinal, musculoskeletal or neurovascular issues in individuals of all age groups. There is a common myth that chiropractic therapy is only helpful for treatment in the elderly and must not be used to treat issues in children. According to recommendations of OSHA, this type of therapy is extremely safe in children and since physical/ musculoskeletal injuries are very common, chiropractic therapy is perhaps the safest and most recommended form of treatment for spinal and physical injuries.

To sum up, there are a number of other myths but most of the misconceptions hold no ground. Chiropractic therapy is not only cost-effective but is also more convenient and has no long terms risks or side effects. Besides, it helps the body to heal with natural and organic methods and improves overall health and fitness.

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