Who’s ready for some nice weather in May? Warmer weather is a great opportunity to go outside and get moving!

Get Moving!

Physical activity can reduce the risk of back pain! Active people are less likely to be overweight, and carrying excess bodyweight can strain our back. Performing back and core strengthening exercises is another way to decrease our chances of pain.

There are numerous other benefits to living an active lifestyle. 

Did you know?

Staying active can reduce your risk of suffering from many major illnesses? Not to mention the long term effects of lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol, weight management, prevention of osteoporosis and cancer, increased energy, and a better mental state!

A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your body.

Stay physically active to undo the negative effects of sitting!

Sitting for too long throughout the day takes our bodies out of proper alignment.

When we maintain a seated position, our hips are flexed, which means our hip muscles are constantly in a contracted state. Over time our hips will tighten, and increased pressure on the low back can cause pain.

When you spend a lot of time in a chair, your upper body posture can worsen. Slouching rounds your shoulders, leaving you with a tight neck and shoulders.

How can you combat this?

Shoot for 30 minutes of activity a day, whether it be walking, jogging, or playing a sport.

Find something you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Then you’ll look forward to being active, AND you’re more likely to be consistent!

Article source: https://kaizo-health.com/

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