Neck pain can range from mild stiffness upon neck movement to sharp neck pain with pain shooting into an arm or hand. Mild neck pain is usually the result of strain but can also be a warning sign of a more serious condition that may include underlying structural damage from infection, structural anomalies (bones and joints that did not grow properly) inflammation from arthritis, disease, or malignancy (cancer.)

If you experience neck pain that persists or worsens for over two or three days, you should seek professional help. [If you experience high fever and the onset of neck pain, you should seek help immediately as neck pain that occurs with a high fever could be related to a serious infection such as meningitis.] Also, if your pain happened due to an injury, you should seek attention as soon as possible. Treatment outcome is often greatly improved by treating pain from an injury as soon as possible.

A Doctor of Chiropractor is trained and licensed in the diagnosis of neck pain. Through careful history, examination, and the aid of x-rays, or in rare cases, if needed, computer tomography, or MRI. A Doctor of Chiropractic can often determine the cause of your back pain and recommend a treatment program.

Chiropractors commonly adjust (manipulate) misaligned cervical vertebra (the bones of the neck) to relieve neck pain. Your  chiropractor may recommend avoiding certain activities and give you back and neck strengthening exercises, too. This will help prevent re-injury.