There are four basic chiropractic wellness levels which help to explain how the majority of patients relate to chiropractor treatment. Each patient’s unique history, health, age, and inherited family tendencies will determine how they actually respond to the treatment and the optimum level of wellness that can be achieved through chiropractic care.

Level 1: Spinal Correction – This is the most acute level of need and may take a longer period of time to achieve your optimum level of health. Chronic or acute subluxations have damaged your vertebrae, joints, nerves, discs, muscles, meninges, tendons and ligaments. A series of chiropractic treatments will be prescribed in order for the body to learn to heal itself.

Level 2: Spinal Healing  At this level, your body will start to hold adjustments for longer periods. However, you will still be subluxation-prone, and different areas may need to be adjusted for each visit. Again, a prescribed course of treatments will be prescribed less frequently.

Level 3: Health Enhancement  This level of chiropractic wellness is a goal to strive for, and most often achieved after following the prescribed course of treatments referenced above. Your spinal adjustments are holding for longer periods, permitting increased healing of your spinal vertebrae, joints nerves, discs, muscles, meninges, tendons, and ligaments. You may find that you are handling life’s stresses much better.

Level 4: Health Optimization  This is the highest level of chiropractic wellness. Although subluxations may occasionally occur from the daily stress of life, they are easily released because your spine is flexible and moves in a fluid motion. Your vertebrae move easily, your muscles are balanced and your discs, tendons, and ligaments are strong. You will want to continue chiropractic care, preferably on a monthly basis.

Reaching the Goal!

Achieving the ideal health for you and all the members of your family will give life that can be lived to the fullest extent, pain-free–naturally!

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